Job Title:

Pusher – Energy Services

Reports To:

Field Supervisor

Position outline

Receives a clear expectation from supervisor and/or customer, and executes project plan for that site.  Performs tasks personally and assigns other tasks as appropriate to remaining crew members.  Adheres to safety protocols and ensures that other team members do as well.  In the absence of supervisor, acts in his stead to complete project by directing other team members and efficiently utilizing resources.  Follows procedures to keep team safe and on track.  Communicates effectively between crew and supervisor to ensure that daily objectives and tasks are understood and completed. Is always respectful of team members but adheres to and holds them to expectations for safety, productivity and culture.  Reprimand in private but praise in public.  Ensures all crew members have a clear understanding of the goal and timeframe at hand. Prepare for next job or he next day’s task and have basic information on what OSHA may need if there if the show on location has an SDS.

Duties and Responsibilities
Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Lead by example
  • Enforce stop work authority
  • Lead daily roustabout crew objectives
  • Safely work in all-weather conditions
  • Advanced understanding and comprehension of the roustabout realm of the industry
  • Adhere to all DOT regulation associated with roustabout vehicles
  • Performing housekeeping on-site, in vehicles and in equipment
  • Other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma, G.E.D. or equivalent
  • 3 years of roustabout leadership related experience
  • Ability to repeatedly lift up to 75 pounds
  • Valid drivers license and clean driving record (no more than 3 moving violations in 3 years)
  • Must pass pre-employment drug and alcohol screening as well as random drug testing

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of roustabout Pusher or related leadership experience
  • Written letter of recommendation from one previous employer
  • Equipment Certifications
  • SafeLand, OSHA 10, CPR/1st Aid, and H2S Training
  • Class A CDL

Project Performance:

  • Lead HSE performance and cultural initiatives
  • Make sure team members are certified and/or competent to operate equipment or perform tasks as assigned
  • Mentor and train new or less skilled team members for their betterment and that of the team
  • Help supervisor to efficiently schedule and utilize resources
  • For Personnel:
    • As with all supervision, be respectful of your crew members. 
    • Take care of your people with training, mentorship, judgement and, when appropriate, remediation
    • Communicate expectations and task assignments clearly and encourage questions to be certain they comprehend
    • Push project to completion – this includes site and equipment clean up!
    • Encourage personnel to follow ShaleStone safety policies and procedures
  • For equipment:
    • Call off equipment quickly when no longer needed and assist to calculate best dollar value for daily or weekly rentals for consecutive projects
    • Guide or perform maintenance – schedule or perform as appropriate and, along with safety inspections, this should include a daily inspection of basics (fluid levels, etc.)
    • For consumables like hardware, paint, liner or underlayment, adhesives, etc.
    • Use efficiently, apply properly and store/clean up as appropriate to minimize waste
    • Assist supervisor to define realistic measures for quality and performance
    • Keep record of daily basics (inspections)
  • Technical Skills:
    • Should possess or acquire knowledge of roustabout operations in sufficient detail that site lead can fill any role on the crew and:
    • Should possess or acquire competence (certifications) to operate all basic equipment and tools – in sufficient skill to instruct and mentor other crewmen.  This includes:
      • Backhoe
      • Forklift
      • Truck tooling and pipe fitting tools

Administration (as delegated by or in the absence of supervisor):

  • Work tickets - generate customer tickets daily and submit to supervisor within 48 hours (in his extended absence, to customer rep)
  • Payroll - Document labor hours and turn in to supervisor (or ShaleStone admin if directed) daily
  • JSAs - Generate or delegate daily for your project
    • Review for quality and completeness and update as appropriate throughout project
    • Collect and send to supervisor (or ShaleStone HSE rep) for historical record weekly
    • Report all incidents to supervisor immediately